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As a Farm Manager you will implement business strategies for maximum yield, organize farm administration, machinery and manage any associated businesses and staff.


  • Plan finances and production to maintain farm progress against budget parameters.
  • Arrange the maintenance and repair of Farm buildings, machinery and equipment
  • Maintain and monitor the qualityof yield, whether livestock or crops.
  • Monitor animal health and welfare.
  • Apply health and safety standards across the Farm estates.
  • Ensure current Government regulations concerning farm activities are compiled with.
  • Able to handle irrigation.


  • Able to handle irrigation system
  • Proof of being able to run agricultural operations as a business
  • Live in a rural set up.
  • Knowledge of mechanics.


  • Full Grade 12 School Certificate
  • Diploma/Degree in Agriculture
  • Minimum five years work experience on a busy Farm


We are looking for an experienced agronomist who is a plant and soil scientist who will study and try to improve on the process of growing farm crops. He must be able to use land more effectively and suggest methods to increase yields.


  • Conduct research on latest trends in crop and soil management
  • Manage Sesame out-grower scheme and other related crops.
  • Effectively manage field activities such as planting, maintaining and harvesting.
  • Hire, organize and supervise seasonal employees ensuring work is performed in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Create strategies in strengthening crop production and crop management.
  • Develop innovative research-based techniques in agronomist functions and programmes.
  • Study, asses and evaluate soil chemistry and soil testing.
  • Develop ways to make crops more pest- resistant.
  • Develop and implement agronomist programmes.


  • A four year college Diploma or Degree in Agriculture
  • Experience in managing out-grower schemes.
  • Agricultural research background preferred
  • Demonstrated competency in project planning.
  • Experience in conservation farming would be an added advantage.
  • May be required to do physical lifting and work in varying ergonomic environments.


We are looking for a Refrigeration Technician who can work on industrial climate control systems such as refrigerated storage units who is able to work on mechanical and electrical components. His primary responsibility is to diagnose problems and make repairs to existing equipment.


  • Performing preventive maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and systems.
  • Requistions for materials required for the smooth operation of the refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.
  • Assists in verification of refrigeration and air conditioning spares purchased or supplied.
  • Carries out routine checks and logs of the status of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.
  • Repairs faulty refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and plant
  • Carries out routine checks and logs of the status of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.
  • Make recommendations to replace equipment if expected cost to repair exceeds possible replacement cost.
  • Ensure management of safety of the air conditioning plant rooms and workshops.


  • Full Grade 12 School Certificate
  • Diploma/Degree in refrigeration and air conditioning with five years proven experience in Heavy Central air conditioning plant.
  • Must possess strong analytical, problem solving and organisational skills.
  • Good communication and basic computer skills.


  • Understanding the operations of commercial and residential refrigeration systems.
  • Diagnosing malfunctions and defects in equipment
  • Grasping electrical and plumbing concepts
  • Operating tools, gauges and other testing equipment for refrigeration systems.


We are looking for commercial Manager of bees (BEEKEEPER) to maintain and monitor the hives and once the honey is ready to be harvested , will remove and process it for human consumption. The Manager must understand the natural instincts of the bees and organization of the hive. His mission is to help the colony to grow strong and healthy.


  • Maintain and repair beekeeping equipment.
  • Prepare colonies for production
  • Inspect colonies for any sign of disease
  • Strong organization and planning skills
  • Follow food safety guidelines when harvesting and processing honey.
  • Business skill with ability to market and sell harvested produce
  • Setting of beehives
  • Processing and storage of honey
  • Preparing reports and record keeping


  • Grade 12 School certificate
  • Diploma/Degree in animal science or a biological field.


A food processing Company seeks to employ an experienced chef who is capable of acquiring skills to manage a Research and Development kitchen. Basic knowledge of food science, food processing and nutrition with passion for developing recipes and innovative food products.

The following are the required attributes:

  • Organizational abilities
  • Knowledge of nutrition science for special dietary needs and allergen issues
  • Able to maintain a big picture view of the happenings in the Research and Development kitchen.
  • Desire to learn
  • Able to work as a part of a team, focused and integrity.


  • Full Grade 12 School Certificate
  • Certificate/Diploma in culinary science or related field.
  • Minimum 3 years work experience


Looking for a vibrant food technologist who would use science to determine the best ways to process foods, analyse food nutrition and ensure compliance with Government regulations for those products. The day to day activities centre around the goal of ensuring quality and safety in food consumption.


Finding ways to make foods safer, healthier and better for consumers.

Examine the components of food, including structure, composition, flavour, texture, convenience and chemical composition.

  • Developing a new type of packaging
  • Changing the way food is packaged
  • Changing the way food is stored
  • Safety and compliance to government regulations are key


  • Full Grade 12 School certificate
  • Degree in food science/technology, food/chemical engineering, nutrition
  • Possession of a food related post graduate qualification can be an added advantage
  • Candidates with food industry work experience are at an advantage

How to Apply

Submit your CV to hr@essentialcom.com

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