Gender and Empowerment Officer at UCZ


Implementing Agencies:

The United Church of Zambia, World Renew, Canadian Food Grains Bank

Location: Mwandi Mission, Mwandi District, Western Province, Zambia

Proposed Start Date: November 10th 2019 (Initial 5-month Contract renewable depending on funding).

Reports to: International Relief Managers Appointed by World Renew

Position Summary

In response to severe drought and crop production failure in much of Western and Southern Zambia during this growing season, The United Church of Zambia (UCZ) is implementing a food assistance and drought mitigation project in conjunction with World Renew and Canadian Focd Grains Bank in Mwandi, Western Province, Zambia. The intervention is scheduled for six months between November 2019 and April 2020 reaching 4000 households or approximately 25,000 people with food assistance and the reestablishment of crop production and food supply.

The Gender and Empowerment Officer reports to the International Relief Managers, as appointed by World Renew in agreement with UCZ. The incumbent is responsible for facilitating, promoting and ensuring a Women led response to the World Renew/United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Drought Response and Mitigation Project (CFGB 2915) in the Mwandi District of Zambia.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • To assist the local church in the development ofa Women led Food Assistance response that is efficient, inclusive and transparent across the targeted area.
  • To assist in the development of monthly work plans and distribution schedules and ensure they are completed.
  • To work with the local church in the selected communities to ensure representative collaboration and participation for all in program activities and distributions.
  • To assist UCZ and World Renew Staffing the supply of food assistance items and program needs and that they meet required standards.
  • To ensure timely and accurate reports be availed to donors as required


Major responsibilities and expected outcomes of the position are as follows:

1. Strengthen the gender justice component of the program such that it will:

  • Utilize a Christian, transformational education approach to Gender relations in the community.
  • Use best practices in gender analysis and gender-sensitive program approaches throughout the project cycle
  • Promote in-depth behavior change especially by addressing worldview, values, cultural practices, masculinity and gender specific roles that affect gender justice and health-related issues.
  • Be culturally sensitive while challenging communities to address unhealthy cultu al practices
  • Develop, promote and build communities reflecting World Renew, UCZ and CFGB community strengthening and resilience principals.
  • Conduct regular community field visits representing the World Renew/UCZ Drought Response and Mitigation Project
  • 2. Improve communication around gender issues with other stakeholders, including:

    • Networking and building collaboration with other relevant government agencies, non-government organizations, private sector stakeholders in the community in order to streamline implementation, avoid duplication, and learn from others.
    • In collaboration with field staff, evaluating and monitoring progress ofthe gender components of programs, then preparing briefing materials and reports to communicate results and issues to donors, Ministry Teams, and visitors where necessary.
    • Strengthen the ability of ocal UCZ churches, partner organizations and local community organizations to address current Gender challenges.
    • Encourage good situational analysis, needs assessment, project management, , monitoring, evaluation and reporting to assure the best possible decision making by communities, the church, and World Renew

    Minimum Requirements

    • A strong and committed Christian
    • Previous experience (2 yrs) of community programming in a rural setting
    • Previous experience of work In a disaster response scenario would be desirable.
    • Familiarity with World Renew and CFGB standards for Food Assistance Programs would be desirable
    • A minimum of a Diploma or University Degree from a reputable institution is a requirement
    • Previous experience in monitoring and evaluation would be an added advantage particularly digital data collection
    • platforms.
    • Strong IT skills with proficiency in Email and Microsoft office. (this may be tested at assessment).
    • Fluency in English and Silozi is a requirement
    • Strong, Healthy and Physically fit.

    How to Apply

    UCZ, CFGB and World Renew are all equal opportunity employers, women strongly are encouraged to apply. Interested individuals can apply attaching detailed CVs, copies of certificates and references preferably online to:

    The General Secretary

    The United Church of Zambia

    P.O Box 50122


    Email: with a copy to

    Local Applications in Mwandi may be delivered to

    The International Relief Managers

    C/O Mwandi UCZ OVC Project House


    The closing date is no later than 17:00 hrs, Friday, 8th November, 2019.

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