Technical Support Manager at id Solar Solutions ltd

Id Solar Solutions designs, assembles, installs, and maintains bespoke and pre-designed Solar PV systems throughout the country.

The main fields of operation are Hybrid and Stand-alone Power Supply and Water

Pumping Systems for:

The company develops and offers High quality, pre-designed, Solar based systems, at an affordable price, which will positively contribute to the quality of people’s lives.

The company seeks to improve their activities through the following:


The young expert will be part of the implementation team: developing, assembling, testing, improving, selling, installing, and maintaining the pre-designed systems, as well as the occasional bespoke systems.
(S)he will have a focus on coordination of technical activities and processes in the company (including but not limited to: Product development, Assembly, Order preparation & Packing, Placement/Installation, Maintenance/Trouble shooting services and Quality Control.
Gradually, the young expert will increasingly be involved in the management of the team and the workshop and will work closely with management regarding the systems design and implementation of technical activities.
This will be done through on-the-job skills training and active participation in all aspects of our activities.

This will require strong social and communication skills as well as knowledge of technical (electrical) systems.

Tasks and activities Young Expert

Tasks will include:

Once the young expert has sufficient experience in all aspects of our technical activities, (s)he will oversee daily technical activities.

Additional tasks will include:


The Young Expert will be supervised and trained by senior company staff.
This training will include Solar system sizing and design, Solar system troubleshooting, maintenance & repair, project implementation management and accurate reporting.


The Young Expert will gain a vast amount of technical experience and project management skills, mainly through on-the-job training and learning by doing.


The Young Expert will report to the Director(s) for technical and operational questions regarding the work.

Job requirements of the Young Expert

The young expert is expected to quickly be able to gain understanding production and installation processes and procedures in the fields of electricity, plumbing and engineering. Project activities are remarkably diverse, and the young expert may need to self-educate on methods and techniques to execute certain project activities.

We expect the Young Expert to take a flexible, pro-active and hands-on approach.

If you would like to apply for this position, please send your CV together with a motivational letter before 17.00 hrs, Friday May 15th, 2020 to

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