How to Answer “Why Should we Hire You?” (7 Perfect Steps)

Why should we hire you interview question in an interview is one of the major common interview questions that you will be asked in an interview. It is a must ask interview question by the interviewer mostly at the end of the interview, and if perfectly answered, might get the job sealed for you.

One thing you should keep in mind is that everyone that is able to make it to the interview is qualified for the job, but only the more qualified, experienced, and a more convincing candidate can get the job sealed. Your answer to the question why should we hire you can convince the employer into selecting you as the ideal candidate for the job.

How to Answer Why Should We Hire You

Can’t figure out how to answer why should we hire you interview question, the below steps will guide you on how to perfectly answer the question with confidence and boldness.

1. Research! Research!! Research!!!

The first and foremost step to take on how to answer why should we hire you interview question is to do an in-depth research. You can start by doing a research about the company you are applying to get an idea about their cultures, values, vision, and mission because your answer to “why should we hire you” interview question should focus on addressing those factors (company’s values, culture, mission, and vision).

To do an in-depth research about the company you can go through the company’s website, In the website, go through the about us page, events page, and every other important pages in the company’s official website where you can get vital information.

Next on the research to do on how to answer why should we hire you interview question Is by doing research about the job you are applying.

The job description of the job you are applying is the best place to get important information about the requirements for the job. It can be the required technical skills, or interpersonal skills required for the job.

Another good research that you can do that will make you standout is by doing additional research on the skills that can also contribute to the job but not listed on the job description.

For instance, if you are applying for an administrative position, project management skills can be a plus for you, and even make you standout as a prominent candidate.

2. Tailor Your Answer

Every company has a specific set of skills, qualities that they require from candidates. These skills or qualities are not hidden; you can find them by going through the job description. Once you are aware of the relevant skills for the job and additional skills not listed in the job description, the next step to take is to tailor your answer to match those required skills.

You should not say anything off point. Do your research and tailor your answer based on the research you did.

3. Quantify Your Accomplishments

When giving your answer to “why should we hire you” interview question, it is best you quantify your accomplishments when possible.

You can support your accomplishments with numerical results which will sound more convincing than mere saying your accomplishments. For example, if you are applying for a job as a sales manager, you can talk of a time when you were able to increase the sales of your former company to 25% when you deployed a new sales strategy.

4. Show Your Enthusiasm

Another good way to answer “why should we hire you” interview question is by showing your enthusiasm. Your response shouldn’t only be centered on your capabilities; employers who called you up for the interview believe that you are capable for the job.

Apart from highlighting your skills and experiences, show them your enthusiasm to work well in the company, and also work well at the position. Employers will be more than willing to employ someone who has the job interest at heart and willing to bring positive values to the table at all time, not a candidate who has bunch of skills but only interested in pay.

5. Be Honest

Honesty mater a lot in the interview, since whatever question they ask you in an interview can also be a situation you may have to handle when employed.  So no matter how tempting it might be to come up with fake answers that will make you stand out,, try as much as you can to abstain from such temptation.

Remember, you being called up for an interview simply mean that you are capable for the job. Do your homework well, come up with enticing bullet points to use when answering the question “why should we hire you” and your chances of landing the job will be higher.

6. Practice Until You Gain Mastery

Looking at how important the interview question “why should we hire you” is, there is a big chance that you will face the question during your interview. So you have no excuse not to get yourself ready and prepared to tackle the question perfectly.

After all, the best way to answer this question is by being confident and bold, and with the above steps, you c an craft a perfect pitch to use as your answer.

The best way to gain mastery at anything is by consistent practice. You don’t want to sound unnatural when giving your answer to “why should we hire you” question, or sound like someone who is unsure or timid. Take your time and practice the pitch you have crafted to answer ‘why should we hire you”. You can practice with friends, or even family members.

7. Keep it Concise

A rule of thumb for any interview question is by keeping your answer concise, and “why should we hire you” interview question is not an exception.  Time is of great importance in an interview, since you will be schedule within a particular timeframe. Your target should be answering all the questions that you will be asked  within the schedule time for your interview, and the best way to accomplish this is by keeping your answers concise but still able to pass a message to the interviewer.

Why Should We Hire You Sample Answers

Below are sample answers to why should we hire you interview question. You can go through them to get an idea on how to craft yours.

Why Should We Hire You? Sample #1

“Well, I have all of the skills and experience that you’re looking for and I’m confident that I would be a superstar in this project management role. It’s not just my background leading successful projects for top companies —  or my people skills, which have helped me develop great relationships with developers, vendors, and senior managers alike. But I’m also passionate about this industry and I’m driven to deliver high-quality work.”

Why Should We Hire You? Sample #2

“Honestly, I almost feel like the job description was written with me in mind. I have the 6 years of programming experience you’re looking for, a track record of successful projects, and proven expertise in agile development processes. At the same time, I have developed my communication skills from working directly with senior managers, which means I am well prepared to work on high-profile, cross-department projects. I have the experience to start contributing from day one and I am truly excited about the prospect of getting started.”


Why should we hire you question in an interview is an important question that you should be well prepared for, since it is also one of the common interview questions to face in an interview.

The above guide should help you in tackling the question with boldness and confidence.

Hope you found this guide helpful?

Which sample answer is your favourite?

Feel free to share your thoughts

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