Top 12 Effective Job Hunting Tips That Can Get You Hired

Tired of job hunting without getting any positive results? Our proven effective job hunting tips that can get you hired is what you should beckon on to get that long dream job you desire.

Job hunting is an important topic for discussion, especially for job seekers. Job hunting involves more than searching for open job position and applying for the open position. You need to go beyond that to make sure you are a great fit for a position, attract the hiring manager with your skills, qualifications and experience, and also be prepared to tackle interview questions.

Even if you are one of the few people who work in a high-demand career, job hunting can still be challenging and frustrating.  In fact, with the rate at which people struggle to get jobs, searching for a job is also a job too.

The time it will take you to get your dream job, the stress you will pass through, and all the challenges and difficulties you encounter from writing that daunting resume, cover letter, application letter, CV, attending interviews can be exhausting. The worst of it all – often times, after passing through these challenges you might end up not getting the job. Not to worry, our effective job hunting tips which has been proven by our readers to land jobs can land you your desired job.

Job Hunting Tips

Job hunting tips are effective strategies a job seeker can utilize in landing a desired dream job.

If you want to get that dream job of yours, follow these below job hunting tips that can get you hired proven to work for our readers.

1. Decide What You Want

 The first job hunting tip is to decide what you want. Instead of beating around the bush or being the jack of all trade, it is best you make a clear decision of what you want.

Reflect on your strengths, weaknesses, your likes and dislikes so that you can be able to come up with a position that best suits you. Even if you are not new to the workforce, if you are not working effectively in a particular field, it is best you reconsider reflecting on yourself to decide if you will be going for a career change.

2. Research Your Target Companies

After you decide on what you want in your career, the next effective job hunting tips to take is researching your target company, finding out the possible positions you can fit in. You can accomplish this by going through the company official website you can find in job listings, get to know their culture, values, vision and mission, and also expected salary range.

3. Be Prepared for the Work

Job hunting is a tedious work, and if not prepared, can weigh you down and still not get you a result. A good way to go about this is by having a schedule on when to search for jobs, and apply for jobs.

You can create a spreadsheet to track all the jobs you apply for, update your professional profile accounts online (like your linked profile summary, headlines, etc) You can also go as far as creating a special email account specifically for your job search. This way you can easily know when you get messages from the company you apply.

These are effective job hunting tips, and when properly done can make your job hunt effective enough to grant you a job.

4. Get Your Resume Ready

Your resume is an important document required when job hunting. Instead of having an all-general resume, create well tailored resume that is suitable for the respective open position. This will make your resume stand out since it is targeted to a particular open position.

If you are applying for different open position (which you should do), create separate resume for each position. It is better you get it done well and once than get it done wrong and miss out number of times.

5. Create a Perfect Cover Letter

Another important job application document that should be accompanied with your resume is your cover letter. Having a targeted cover letter is also an effective job hunting tips that can get you hired.

Just like your resume, create a targeted cover letter for each position you will be applying for. This is an effective way to get the best out of your cover letter.

6. Capitalize on Every Job Search Resources

Instead of limiting yourself to only manual job search, capitalize on every possible job search resources you can think of. Do manual offline job search, attend career events, seminars, make use of social networking site like LinkedIn, signup for job offer newsletter, and also utilize available job search engines. Utilizing this and every other jog hunting tips listed here, you stand bigger chance of getting a job,

7. Utilize Your Professional Network

Professional network has been proven to be one of the most effective tool for getting a job when job hunting. According to survey, 83% new employees said they got their job through their professional network (i.e. connection).

Build new professional network by attending professional career fairs, events, seminars, volunteering in your local community. Utilize the network by requesting their support in your job search. Most will be willing to contribute to your career. This is why it is important you form a habit of networking with valuable people that can be influential in your career.

8. Apply for Many Open Positions

At this point in your career where you are job searching, it is best you don’t keep all your eggs in one basket, apply for as many open positions of your choice and also related position. It is good to get your dream job once, but when the odds are high, it is best you apply for a related job. While working, you can also keep hunting the job of your dream. At least you get a work to be doing for some time that can maintain you instead of piling up unpaid bills.

Applying for many open positions including other listed job hunting tips can get you a job faster.

9. Prepare for all Job Interviews

Preparing for job interviews are effective job hunting tips that can get you hired. There are no specific numbers of questions to expect in an interview. But preparing for common interview questions, behavioral interview questions are great way to excel in an interview.

Can’t figure out what common interview questions and behavioral interview questions are? Not to worry, we got you covered. Check out our Interview Questions with Answers That Work and Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers

10. Send a Thank-you mail after interview

According to research, hiring managers say they find a thank-you mail helpful. A good way to show how appreciative you are when giving an opportunity for an interview is to send a thank-you mail after the interview.

In addition to the thank-you mail, include vital information you could not remember during the interview. This is also of one the top effective job hunting tips to try out.

11. Follow up the Hiring Manger

The bitter truth is that not all job application and interview you go for will result to a job. But what if I tell you that you can turn the missed opportunity into another opportunity? Sounds awesome right? It is easy. Just follow up the hiring manager in charge of the interview you took.

You can politely follow him up, ask him to tell you why you missed out, and even to contact you if there is any available position you can fit in. By doing this, you are building professional network and also increasing your chances of getting a job.

12. Build Your Skills

Building your skills is an important thing to do when you are doing job search. You can learn new skills, or improve your current skills by doing volunteering work. To stand out from the crowd, building your skills and every other job hunting tips listed above are what you need to do that can get you hired.

Now it’s Your Turn

That is it on my guide on effective job hunting tips that gets you hired.

Hope you found it helpful?

Which of these job hunting tips would you love to try?

Feel free to share your thoughts

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