“Why Do You Want This Job?” (5 Actionable Steps to Answer)

“Why do you want this job?” is one of the common interview questions which you are likely to face in your next interview. And knowing how well to answer “why do you want this job?” interview question can leave a positive impression on the hiring manage that you are the ideal candidate for the job.

Can’t figure out how to perfectly answer “why do you want this job?” interview question? Nott to worry, in this guide we will be showing you steps to take on how to answer “why do you want this job?” interview question and sample answer to back it up in order for you to have a concrete understanding and be able to craft a perfect answer for the question.

Why Do You Want This Job?

Just like I said, the interview question “why do you want this job?” is a common interview question and an important question which is likely to come up in an interview.

A good answer to this question requires some forethought and preparations that will make it easier to answer the question for other opportunities too.

Why They Ask “Why Do You Want This Job?”

When you are asked this question and you are not prepared to answer the question, you might think that the hiring manager is only interested about what you want in your next job. To some extent, it is true that they want to learn about what you want in your next job, but they re not only interested in learning about that.

However, when interviewer  ask “why do you want this job?” in an interview, they are interested in learning how much you know about the company, its culture, values, vision and mission. And also how your career goals align with the company and can be achievable in the company.

 “Why Do You Want This Job?” How to Answer

Below are perfect steps to take in order to answer “why do you want this job” interview question.

1. Assess Yourself

Advise Yourself
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When preparing for “why do you want this job?” interview question, the first step to take is by doing a self assessment.

Assess yourself to identify how important the position you are applying will be to you. How relevant it is to your career advancement, how helpful will it be to your family, and your schedule.

You can assess yourself by listing all the relevant things you need in a job, and check the ones you think you can achieve when giving the opportunity to work in the company.

Apart from using this step to find out what you desire to achieve in a job, you can also be able to frame out some important questions to ask the interviewer.

2. Do Your Research

Why do you want this job - Do Research

The company’s culture, value, vision, or mission should be taken into consideration when giving your answer. Check out the company’s official website, publication, and social media accounts to get vital information about the company.

Also check the job description to be familiar with the core required skills needed for the job.

3. Align Your Skills and Experience with the Role

When giving an answer to “why do you want this job?” interview question, you will surely want to talk about how your qualification and skill fit the job. It is a very good way to use your qualification as reference, but keep in mind that the skill you will be talking about should be listed in the job description, and if not listed, should be related or relevant to the job.

4. Showcase Your Enthusiasm for the Job

When someone asks “why do you want this job?” interview question, they are giving you an opportunity to explain why you would be a valuable addition to their team. Showcase your expertise and enthusiasm for the job.

Try as much as you can to let the hiring manager know that you are willing to function well in the job, since the position aligns with your career goal/development.

5. Keep Your Answers Clear and Concise

A perfect way to answer any interview question including “why do you want this job?” interview question, is to keep your answers concise at the same time clear.

To achieve this you have to keep practicing your answer in order to modify and remove some unnecessary information in your answer.

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Why Do You Want This Job Sample Answers

Below are sample answers you can go through to get an idea of what to include when crafting yours.

Why Do You Want This Job? Sample Answer #1

“I understand that this is a company on the rise. As I’ve read on your website and in various press releases, you’re planning to launch several new products in the coming months. I want to be a part of this business as it grows, and I know my experience in product development would help your company as you roll out these products.”

Why Do You Want This Job? Sample Answer #2

“The world is advancing by leaps and bounds. The same reason inspires me to take this job as it can make me develop as a professional in a wholesome manner. The technical skill sets that I will get to work upon, with this job, can later become a significant part of my career. I don’t want to remain stagnant, as my current work profile is not taking me anywhere. I am a fast learner and a quick creative thinker, hence I can pick up new technologies on a daily basis or in very short time spans, as well as apply the same. This is pivotal to the stage where I am standing right now, and it also makes me a great candidate for you to consider for this profile. The world opens new doors for people who can do different tasks with efficiency, and I am that kind of a person. This job is a perfect fit for me and I am a perfect fit for it! I already have a lot of skills, all outlined in my resume, and this job role can help me sharpen each one of them to a great extent.”

Why Do You Want This Job? Sample Answer #3

“I think my biggest priority right now in my job search is to continue building my business development skills. I took on more and more of that in my last role as a Recruiter and enjoyed it a lot. I reviewed the job description and saw this is mentioned a lot, so I thought the position seems like not only a good fit for what I want, but a role where my skillset would be well-used and needed.  So that’s why I want this job.”


“Why do you want this job?” interview question can be a tricky question, but with the above guide you should be able to come up with a perfect answer to the question.

Hope you found the guide helpful?

And what about the sample answers? Which is your favourite?

Feel free to share your comment

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