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Internships ActionReach Zambia

ActionReach Zambia is a Zambian civil society organisation working to accelerate health equity among the most vulnerable people. We partner with private and public institutions, research institutions and community groups to contribute to solving the country’s most pressing health challenges. Our team includes experts in health (Neglected Tropical Diseases, Nutrition, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene -WASH) and their cross-cutting themes (education, poverty, environment, economic development, gender, , research, social marketing).ActionReach Zambia believes that today’s development problems can only be best dealt with if multisectoral and multidisciplinary approaches are optimally used and can be leveraged in resource constrained settings.
In your role, you will support ActionReach Zambia team members in research, Design and Innovation works across the organisation. Your role will predominantly support in new business development and project’s support.


Assist in the delivery of evaluation and project design activities across ActionReach Zambia ’s projects, including:

1. Finding effective ways to communicate data
2. Supporting with project design and implementation
3. Finding effective ways to communicate data
4. Ensuring positive relationships with external partners involved in research projects
5. Ensuring the successful delivery of research & design projects
6. Contributing to reports for internal and external publication
7.Collecting and analyse qualitative data
.8 Supporting and facilitate service design activities


1. Ensure regular and timely communications about your activity to the programme team members
2. Ensure an excellent standard in professional presentation when communicating with external partners and funders


1. Notify the programme Team members of any additional opportunities for income generation or partnership development that arise because of project engagements
2. ActionReach Zambia values its interns and provides excellent opportunities for training and personal development.



1. Commitment to community development field
2. Excellent written skills
3. Confident communicator
4. Ability to think innovatively
5. Ability to think critically
6. Excellent time management and ability to prioritise


1. Knowledge of Economic and social accountability strategic areas in which ActionReach Zambia operates.
2. Skill in research and analysis


1. Graduated between 2016-2018
2. Social Science – degree level or equivalent

TO APPLY: email your applications to :

DEADLINE: 1st November 2020

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