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Secondary/Primary School Teachers and Librarian Chishawasha Childrens Home, Zambia


As a point of first contact for the school, the Receptionist will screen parents and visitors to the school. He/she will carry out various administrative duties and resolve any problems, inquiries and prepare responses to ensure smooth operations of the school. The office bearer will be located at the reception area of Colin B Glassco school.

The Receptionist will liaise with the Head Teacher on each day’s planned activities and ensure all needed teaching and learning materials are available for teachers to use. The administrative duties to be carried out by the Receptionist will demand efficiency at task management and excellent time keeping.

Key responsibilities

1.Maintain records for staff, and update school data on staff, pupils and parents’ contact details and addresses.
2.Perform general clerical duties including printing/photocopying tests/exams/mark schedules/workshop material/duty rotas. Take minutes of the Staff Meeting and type them.
3.Keep the Log book and Visitors’ book.
4.Contacting suppliers in order to expedite deliveries to school.
5.Prepare agendas for meetings with HT.
6.Schedule and coordinate meetings, appointments and travel arrangements for managers or supervisors.
7.Keep a register for fixed and moveable assets.
8.Be the custodian of classroom keys and promptly avail them to teachers before lessons.
9.Collect Class Registers and Forecast books from teachers and submit them to HT for checking.
10.Retrieve documents from filing system and handle requests for information and data.
11.Coordinate school trips with the Deputy Head.


  • Diploma in Administration/secretariat
  • At least 2 years work experience.


Librarians’ duties vary, but no matter the task, the job comes down to one priority: Helping people. From ordering books for easy finding to coordinating programming such as children’s reading hours, librarians are responsible for making libraries an important community –+resource


  • Diploma in library and information studies/Business Administration
  • Two years work experience

Computer Teacher Responsibilities:

  • To promote computer literacy among our students.
  • To craft and present lessons, develop teaching material, and attend parent-teacher conferences.
  • Ensure that equipment remains in excellent working condition.
  • To demonstrate flexibility and support as you help students to develop confidence in their computer skills.
  • To recognise the socioeconomic factors that limit access to technology and will make a concerted effort to acclimatize students with no prior exposure to computers.
  • To plan lessons and activities that facilitate students’ acquisition of basic and advanced computer skills.
  • To instruct in a manner that develops students’ confidence in their abilities.
  • To observe and manage classroom dynamics.
  • To invigilate and grade projects, quizzes, and examinations.
  • Tracking and communicating students’ achievement throughout the course.
  • To ensure that the computer laboratory remains free from food, dust and drink at all times.
  • To download important software updates and maintaining hardware.



  • Enrolled with The Teaching Council of Zambia
  • At least two years experince
  • Able to teach at least two subject(Secondary School section)
    (English, Environmental Science, Agricultural Science, French/Zambian Language, Religious Education, Creative and performance Arts, Mathematics, Computer studies, Business Studies.


All applicants should be ready to start work January 2021.

To apply for this job email your details to

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