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Customs Clearing Office Impala Terminal Zambia

  • Registering entries in Customs system Called ASYCUDA WORLD
  • Calculating and processing of duties and taxes for different types of clearances, i.e.  RIB/RIT, Bonding, EX-Bonding and Final Clearances.
  • Liaising with the ZRA to ensure that our entries are released on time and meet our KPIs.
  • Assist in the Preparations of Invoices/manifests
  • Alerting superiors on any issues encountered at ZRA as he/she monitors entries at ZRA.
  • Acquittals – To track all worked on Trucks/entries up to the time acquittals obtainment and ensure that they are systematically filed both electronically in Alfresco and physically in the box files.
  • Filling – Ensuring that all entries worked on are filed in right files for easy retrieval
  • To ensure that errands of Customs Dept and entries at ZRA are monitored and done within stipulated KPIs.
  • Liaising with the border offices on all the processed T1 on daily basis
  • Ensure that the correct license is allocated depending on the good been cleared
  • To be conversant and up to date with the laws and regulations. It is our expectation that you will maintain the understanding and keep up to date with the changes, as they occur to ensure that all entries processed are correct and accurate. This will also ensure that correct advise is given to our customers with regards imports and exports and if any restrictions are imposed, tariff systems, insurance requirements and all other customs related matters.
  • Ensure Accuracy of all processed entries, e.g. ensuring that the classification and valuations are done correct before registering the entry on the ZRA system
  • Any other duties assigned in line with the above responsibilities

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 February 10, 2023

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