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Development Facilitator Worldvision

With over 70 years of experience, our focus is on helping the most vulnerable children overcome poverty and experience fullness of life. We help children of all backgrounds, even in the most dangerous places, inspired by our Christian faith.

Come join our 34,000+ staff working in nearly 100 countries and share the joy of transforming vulnerable children’s life stories!

Key Responsibilities:


1.Support the Project Manager in effective project planning (SLaR), implementation, monitoring and evaluation process that ensures enhanced community participation ownership of project activities and sustainability project for the wellbeing of children, families and communities

2. Effectively and efficiently facilitate implementation of FMNR interventions at Project level to ensure that communities are empowered for sustainable development and they contribute to the wellbeing of Children

3. Communicate World Vision’s identity, mission, vision, values, policies and our approaches to facilitate development processes to realize well-being of the children in the communities

4.Facilitate communities to select gender sensitive FMNR Champions for project implementation

5. Facilitate the identification of FMNR Champions in an inclusive manner

6.Participate in Policy reviews and identify gaps that affect women, youth, and other vulnerable groups in Project sites

7. Together with project staff ensure beneficiary selection takes into consideration women youth and vulnerable groups.

8. Facilitate the planning and implementation of Agriculture and Natural Resources Management (ANRM) within EL&R technical programme activities using recommended models, techniques, standards and tools to achieve output targets within scope, time, and budget

9. Communicate World Vision’s identity, mission, vision, values, policies and our approaches to facilitate development processes to realize well-being of the children in the communities

10. Facilitate the interpretation and distribution of context appropriate FMNR technical Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials for effective implementation.

11. Work closely with the community and district partners such as the church to mobilize community for local partnership and ownership, participation in implementation of FMNR activities to achieve sustainability of technical programme interventions

12. Work with the WEE Specialist to ensure inclusiveness in the implementation of the SLaR Project

Local Partnering and Networking

1. Represent WVZL in various key meetings at district level including Technical Working Group (TWG) for alignment of national and local priorities.

2. Conduct needs assessments and identify in partnership with the communities and other partners alternative livelihoods to reduce pressure on the forests by local communities

3. Collaborate and help influence the adoption and scaling up of FMNR by partners in the Project site

4. Facilitate and support local level Agriculture and Natural Resources Management related advocacy for better service provision/delivery

Capacity Building 

1. Facilitate building capacity of FMNR Champions and Volunteers on the FMNR technical issues for effective roll out and activity implementation

2. Capacity build local partners in FMNR to help scale up FMNR indirectly within the program area

3. Facilitate training for community partners and other relevant stakeholders to ensure improved productivity technologies access and enterprise risk management services related activities are effectively implemented

Programme Effectiveness and Quality Assurance

1. In collaboration with M&E specialist, build capacity for FMNR Champions and volunteers in data collection, interpretation and utilization

2. Collect spatial data using prescribed tools in line with the SOP on spatial data collection to accurately determine the hectarage of land under FMNR

3. Collect monitoring data with community workers, FMNR Champions in a collaborative and systematic way e.g. adoptions etc.

4. Facilitate joint technical monitoring and reporting of the project for effective implementation and quality control.

5 Write and timely submit monthly, quarterly and annual reports for improved technical programme decision making.

6. Participate in the review of technical program interventions for improved quality of programming

7. Work with technical program M&E Specialist to input data databases and develop information management systems.

8. Participate in documenting and sharing programme lessons and promising practices with partners and stakeholders.

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Closing Date : 28th February, 2023.

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