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Worshop Technician Hardware Repairs R A Consulting Services Zambia

Applicant must have the followings skills set, with a minimum of two years work experience:

1. Technical knowledge: A deep understanding of printers and laptops, including their components and functions, is essential.
2. Troubleshooting skills: Ability to diagnose and solve hardware and software issues in printers and laptops.
3. Electrical knowledge: Understanding of electrical circuits and components, and the ability to test and repair them.
4. Part replacement skills: The ability to replace damaged components and circuit boards.
5. Communication skills: Good communication skills are important for explaining technical issues to customers and for taking clear and detailed notes.
6. Attention to detail: Careful and meticulous attention to detail is necessary when working with small components and electronics.
7. Customer service skills: The ability to provide excellent customer service and to handle customer complaints and concerns in a professional manner.
8. Physical dexterity: Fine motor skills and manual dexterity are important for handling small components and for performing delicate repairs.
9. Organizational skills: Ability to keep track of multiple repair jobs and to prioritize tasks effectively.
10 . Adaptability: The ability to learn and adapt to new technologies, equipment, and repair techniques.

Qualifications (Or Equivanlent):

>> CompTIA A+: A vendor-neutral certification for computer support technicians.
>> Microsoft Certified: IT Professional (MCITP): A certification for professionals who support and manage Microsoft Windows-based systems.
>> HP Certified Technician: A certification for technicians who repair HP printers, laptops, and desktop computers.

Please send your CV and professional qualifications, in one zipped file.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

To apply for this job email your details to

Closing Date : 12th February, 2023.

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