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Partnership Building And Resource Mobilisation Manager The Hunger Project Zambia

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Position Summary

The Partnership Building and Resource Mobilization Officer is responsible for building strategic partnerships in Zambia that will strengthen the position of THP- Zambia to be a major player in ending chronic hunger and poverty. This person will be responsible for achieving growing local fundraising targets to implement programs of THP-Zambia. The ultimate impact of this position will be new partnerships resulting in in-kind support (government-supplied nurses, teachers, extension officers and medical supplies, etc.), funding for program expansion or intensification, and integration with national poverty alleviation programs.

The PBRMO is an experienced professional, familiar with the highest levels of the development sector in Zambia involving poverty reduction and food security. This person knows how to inspire and relate to other development stakeholders to create long term and strategic partnerships or funding relations.

Most important responsibilities are: (1) to develop and implement a strategy for national partnerships and resource mobilization; (2) to establish and maintain relations with development stakeholders; (3) to develop partnerships and funding proposals in close collaboration with the Country Director, national program staff and THP Global Office.

Place in the Organization

The PBRMO will be based in Lusaka and directly reports to the THP- Zambia’s Country Director. He/she also collaborates with the Finance team and other program officers of THP- Zambia.

Expected results include:

1. Networking

a. To forge and maintain a strong network of governmental, intergovernmental and NGO contacts that come to know and appreciate THP- Zambia’s approach.

b. To strengthen relationships with important in-country institutions that can advance or fund THP- Zambia’s Epicenter Technology.

2. Develop and maintain strategic partnerships

a. To work closely with the Country Director, other senior staff of THP- Zambia and the Global Office to develop and implement strategies for partnerships.

b. To manage strategic partnerships by following through formal and informal engagements (e.g., Memorandums of Understanding, joint proposals or programs) and by keeping track of results.

c. To ensure that agreements, implications or lessons learned from partnerships are being implemented or taken up by THP- Zambia and its partners.

3. Local resource mobilization

a. To conduct fundraising activities and raise at least 10% of the budget of THP-Zambia annually allocated by THP Global.

b. To facilitate new funding relationships with governmental, non-governmental institution and private sector institutions within Zambia.

c. To be responsible for generating and submitting funding proposals in close coordination with the Country Director and other senior staff.

4. Lobby and advocacy

a. To develop and implement a strategic lobby and advocacy framework and strategies for THP- Zambia, informed by on a local context analysis, in collaboration with the Country Director, National Council, other senior staff and the Chief Program Officer at THP Global Office.

b. Based on the local lobby and advocacy strategy, to regularly participate in relevant spaces for policy and program development at national level such as The Comprehensive African Development Program (CAADP) and the Global Fund, and with civil society platforms working to influence these processes.

c. To be responsible for generating proposals and high-quality advocacy communication materials in close coordination with the Country Director and other senior staff.

5. Reporting

a. To keep track and overview of the local partnerships and report about progress and result to the Country Director on time.

b. To keep track and overview of the locally mobilized resources and expenditures and to engage with the local funders about progress and deviation from plans, if needed.

c. To ensure availability of program information regarding the locally funded programs.

d. To facilitate on time financial and narrative reporting to the local funders based on their specific needs, within the reporting framework of THP Global and in collaboration with the national M&E officer and financial staff.

6. Communication, learning and sharing

a. To share priorities, progress and lessons learned with colleagues in THP- Zambia and with colleagues in other THP-Africa countries and with the Global Office.

7. Coaching

a. To develop a programme for coaching of a designated staff on proposal writing and fundraising.

b. To train one staff on advocacy and partnership building and how to write proposal and fundraise for THP.

1. Knowledge and experience

a. A Degree in a field relevant to THP- Zambia’s programs. Masters is added advantage

b. Demonstrate a strong personal commitment to bottom-up development and gender equality.

c. A proven track record of accomplishments at an international NGO, government agency of multi/bi-lateral agency in the field of development, and with experience in fundraising and lobby and advocacy.

d. Show sufficient maturity and field experience to be personally credible with senior development practitioners.

e. Have a strong reputation and influential network in the national development community in Zambia.

2. Skills

a. Be able to build strong relationships with the right people.

b. Be analytical and creative in finding and capitalizing on partnership and funding opportunities.

c. Excellent interpersonal skills and a team player.

d. Demonstrate exceptional communication skills

e. Demonstrate ability to write proposals that fulfill Donors’ requirements.

f. Be able to generate timely, thorough, highly professional reporting.

3. Attitude

a. Have an outgoing and appreciative personality consistent with being a sought after by collaboration partners.

b. Have high personal integrity and reliability needed to develop strong relationships at the highest levels.

  • additional duties that may be assigned by the Country Director.

Job holder educational qualification:

Knowledge (Education & Related Experience):

University degree plus Post graduate qualification in Development studies/Social Work/Planning or equivalent professional qualification from a recognized institution AND
5 years’ working experience in a development role of a reputable development organization. Those with experience in compliance, donor relations and/ or Grant Manager are highly encouraged.

Please forward your letter of interest, resume, and salary expectations, for immediate consideration to and copy Please include Position you are applying for in the subject line of your email. The dateline is 26th February, 2024 at 5pm.

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